Carlos Amorales

Negative Nature (Puppet Masters)

Two acrylic spray paintings and cardboard
92 1/2 × 82 7/10 in

Courtesy the artist and Nils Stærk Gallery, Copenhagen

This work spins-off from the film La aldea maldita [The Cursed Village], presented in the gallery on Saturdays and online, which articulates the various languages that the artist has created. The film narrates the story of a family of migrants who are lynched as they reach a strange town. In this fantastic village, a puppeteer challenges our pre-existing vision of the world as he manipulates the characters in a kind of shadow play that seems to be activated by musicians and actors.

The visual vocabulary that Carlos Amorales (Mexico City, 1970) uses in many of his installations, animations, drawings, sculptures and paintings, comes from his "Liquid Archive", a digital collection of cut out images that the artist extracts from his observation of nature and diverse urban scenes. Among the main symbols that repeat themselves throughout the archive are spider webs, birds, skulls, leafy branches, and pregnant women.